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Save water slogan:

1, water conservation is an important strategy of sustainable development measures.

2, to create a water-saving cities, the implementation of sustainable development.

3, domestic water vigorously popularize water-saving appliances.

4, water conservation, protecting water resources, is the common responsibility of society as a whole.

5, both revenue and cutting expenditure, expenditure priorities, pollution control-oriented, science and open source, comprehensive utilization.

6, the state planned water, efforts to save water.

7, but unfortunately the water, love the water, water, starting with me.

8, adhere to water conservation first, and strive to build water-saving city.

9, water conservation, for the benefit of mankind, benefits to the present power future generations.

10, according to water management, water science, water conscious.

11, strengthen the urban water conservation management, conservation and protection of urban water resources.

12, to build a water-based economy and water-saving society.

13, protection of water resources, promoting…

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the dark knight rises

A Constant Visual Feast

There’s no good starting place for discussion of The Dark Knight Rises. In addition to its individual girth– the film clocks in at a nice, round two hours and forty five minutes– TDKR represents Christopher Nolan’s final contribution to the Dark Knight’s rebooted franchise. Does the film stand as an acceptable farewell letter to both the bat and the man? The results are disappointingly mixed. Nolan has bid farewell to the caped crusader with a bloated, top-heavy, structurally unsound film, but one that delivers in the action department and offers some of the best performances from its regular cast to date. For summer popcorn fare you could do much worse, but this is Christopher Nolan; we’ve seen him yield far better results playing in this exact same sandbox.

Of course, the sandbox is much more crowded this time around, and on top of that things have gotten pretty dull…

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silver linings playbook

A Constant Visual Feast

Were I to describe Silver Linings Playbook in a single word, it would be “insistent”. We should consider the source, though; after all, David O. Russell is nothing if not blunt in his cinema and mercurial as a man. So when Silver Linings Playbook grips you by your lapels and stares you in the eyes with its bountiful preciousness, there should be no doubting the point of origin of the film’s frank, broad sense of urgency. What Russell has produced here is a work that, like 2010’s The Fighter, stands far removed from the angrier offerings of his salad days and which continues his journey down the path of mainstream visibility and success, suggesting that he’s on a hiatus from making biting, satirical pictures like Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees.

He’s also managed to make a pretty good movie, and in doing so demonstrated how a gifted…

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A Constant Visual Feast

Has the James Bond franchise come full circle? Are we now at a point where there are no more secrets to the world’s most famous globe-trotting, womanizing, martini-guzzling spy? By the time Sam Mendes directs Skyfall, his entry in the half-a-century-old series, to its logical conclusion, we’ve actually experienced cinema of regression, watching as the film delves into the character’s roots before witnessing them burst forth to let their genre heritage flourish. Since Daniel Craig took over star duties in 2006’s excellent Casino Royale, we’ve seen him take Bond from a debonaire MI6 agent to a British cousin of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne; with Skyfall, we come to understand why, and also see Craig assume the traditional mantle we expect him to bear in the role.

The film literally starts with a bang– in fact, several of them. Mendes’ name isn’t one typically associated with high-end…

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have patience

The Blog of Disquiet

I’ve been reading sad books. Books about sad people. While I was reading Suzanne Scanlon’s Promising Young Women (which I reviewed here), I was rereading Two Girls, Fat and Thin by Mary Gaitskill, and at this point in my life I must have reread it five or six times. It’s always a bad idea for me to read this book—I’m always in a funk for a week after, sometimes longer, or perhaps but now it’s just lodged itself somewhere inside me and each time I reread it it’s like lighting a match. Two Girls is about two girls, but it’s also about gender war(s), heterosexuality as violence. Chris Kraus writes about wanting to solve heterosexuality before turning 40 in I Love Dick but I feel like every conversation with single straight women friends over beer is an attempt to solve heterosexuality, and after a few drinks the solution is…

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Body of Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat to be Exhumed on Tuesday

from Russia

The Red Pill

The body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is to be exhumed on Tuesday, Palestinian officials say. His body is to undergo tests to find out whether his death in Paris in 2004 was caused by poisoning.

November 24, 2012
Article from Voices of Russia

“The tomb will be opened on November 27 and experts will take samples the same day within a matter of a few hours,” Tawfiq Tirawi told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

He said a reburial ceremony would be held later the same day.

Arafat’s family members had earlier said that the exhumation would probably go ahead on Monday.

Tirawi did not explain the apparent delay while stressing the exhumation was painful but necessary to establish the truth of allegations that Israeli may have poisoned the iconic Palestinian leader.

“November 27 will be one of the most painful days of my life for personal reasons…

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